General Motors Co. has targeted April 7 as the date dealers should expect to begin receiving replacement ignition switches for the 2.59 million recalled small cars.

But GM, in a court filing, says only 47,000 of those switches will be available next week, and dealers don't know exactly when or how many they'll get, according to The Detroit News.

That's 1.8 percent of the switches necessary to fix all 2.59 million cars, according to the math department. Delphi Corp., which makes the switches, is running two shifts to fill the backlog, and GM has requested they start a third.

After a Texas lawyer on Thursday said even recalled cars that use only the ignition switch could exhibit engine failure, more and more drivers of those cars are deciding to turn them in for free loaners, at least anecdotally.


The problem: Some GM dealers are running out of loaners. And some of the local branches of national rental agencies like Enterprise also don't have enough extra cars to help GM.

One customer, who called five dealerships on Thursday and was told he'd have to wait until next week for a loaner, finally found a dealership on Friday that could get him a loaner within 30 minutes.


That loaner was a Fiat 500.

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